My Favourite Study Spaces on Campus

I am someone who enjoys background noise while I study. The sound of people chatting, their feet hitting the floor, and the buzz of cars driving past the window are comforting, focus-inducing sounds for me. From time-to-time it is important to study in quiet or silence, so I have found an array of study spaces with differing atmospheres (and noise levels) on the University of Alberta Campus.


ECHA 2nd Floor Hallway

This is the ultimate study space for when you want white noise in the background. I find that seeing the nurses and med students walk by is very motivating to me and reminds me of my future goals even when my motivation may be waning.


Med Sciences Library Quiet Floor

The quiet floor is the best floor. Not quite silent, not loud enough to distract you, everyone is either napping or focused. I can spend hours here getting amazing work done. They also have some very ergonomic chairs!


Med Sciences Library Individual Study Rooms

When it is time to shut the world out, have some time to yourself, and/or focus, individual study rooms are the key. Set up your ultimate study session and get to the grind.


HUB Mall

Especially early in the morning when the smell of fresh coffee is coming from Cookies by George and I have to plan my day, studying in HUB mall is therapeutic. This is a louder location (depending on the time of day), but this is where I tend to start my days multiple times per week.

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