HC Team Spotlight: President/Editor-in-Chief - Breanne Duguay


Breanne is our wonderful President/Editor-in-Chief. She does an amazing job of keeping the Her Campus UAlberta team organized and prepared. Breanne is a senior at the University of Alberta, a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority chapter on campus, and she is an English major, Drama minor. Her favourite colour is pink, which fits so well with her passion for Her Campus, since Her Campus and pink go together like peanut butter and jelly. Breanne’s favourite movies are The Princess Bride, or any movie adaptation of a musical. When our busy president gets a free moment to read, you’ll usually find her with a Young Adult Fiction novel in hand. Her perfect personal playlist would be a combination of country jams and showtunes. We asked Breanne a few questions to get to know her better, here is what she said:


What is your favourite season? Why?

Summer, since the weather is so nice and I love the feeling that always comes with the season. Even though I work during the summers I still get that sense of freedom and endless opportunity. Plus no one chastises me for solely wearing dresses! Fall is also great because of Halloween and the fact that you get to wear cute boots, but it's not (usually) excessively cold. Also pumpkin things are great.”


Why did you join Her Campus UAlberta?

“I co-founded Her Campus UAlberta with a friend last year, because we were looking for a way to express ourselves and create another outlet for creative journalism on campus. We also felt that there was an empty space that needed to be filled on campus for an active and exciting online magazine. The expanding "smart and sexy" Her Campus brand geared towards college women really stood out to us."


What is your favourite thing to write about for Her Campus?

“Anything that is currently inspiring me! I'm excited to write an article in regards to my sorority soon, as it is something I have a lot to say on but haven't explored yet on Her Campus . I'm also excited to explore some fashion pieces!”



What is your autumn style?

“I am loving plaid dresses with heeled boots and sometimes tights/fishnets. I found these two really cute options at Old Navy- one is black and white and the other one is burgundy (perfect for fall). I also love keeping warm by layering a denim jacket over basically anything. Right now I am also eyeing a lot of cowl neck sweaters that would look really cute with some leggings on a classy casual day.”


What will you never leave the house without?

“My giant purse that contains everything I need! If I use a smaller bag and have less with me I feel super unprepared."


What makes you, you?

“I'm a Scorpio! I feel like that says a lot about me. I love following astrological meme accounts on Instagram. I really like scary stories and dark/horror stuff, but am extremely affected by them afterwards. I'm kind of afraid of the dark...a pile of tires on the road scared me the other night. I really like to feel put together and wear dresses almost daily, lipstick is also very important.”


A huge thank you to Breanne for telling us so much about herself!