HC Team Spotlight: Finance Director - Breanna Twist

Breanna is our outstanding finance director, who is a Junior in an Honours Bachelor of Arts program studying Drama and Biology. Managing the finances of a new and growing organization is no small feat, however Breanna makes everything run so smoothly! Her favourite colour is green,”but not like a bright lime green,” she says, “an army or forest green.” Breanna is a diehard Harry Potter fan, and she likes to participate in comic cons and cosplay! When asked about her favourite music she enthusiastically shares her love for showtunes and Imagine Dragons. I asked Breanna a few questions, these were her responses:


Why did you choose to join Her Campus UAlberta?

“To be part of an empowering group of individuals who are bringing a new and needed source of journalism to campus.”


What are your favorite topics to write about?

“Cool experiences I’ve had or tips and tricks to make uni better.”


What is your fall style?

“Exam week chic with pops of effort. Basically messy buns and hoodies with the odd day of actual fall style.”



What do you refuse to leave the house without?

“My headphones for music when I study, and lip chap.”

What makes you, you?!

I love movies and the entire filmmaking process. I love the idea of acting in film or tv in the future or being involved in any part of the process. I also love cosplay and all things nerdy. Also tea. I love tea.”