Halloween and Taking a Step Away

Happy Halloween! Halloween is an amazing time to take a step out of your busy, crazy, complicated life and to spend some time as someone (or something) else.


I define myself in so many ways: 

I am a daughter.

 I am a sister.

 I am a partner.

 I am a friend.

I am a student. 

I am a pre-med hopeful.

I am a lifeguard.

I am a writer.

I am human.

I am flawed.


Dressing up on Halloween allows me a brief chance to put away all of the things that define me, and to define myself in a different way. This year, I am a pirate, and for one night I get to forget all of the thigs going on in my own life and take on the role of someone new. I hope that this break from my reality will allow me to gain some perspective, to regroup, and to push through the remainder of the semester. Although Halloween may be primarily for children, and is a fun-filled time, it can be used to motivate and work on yourself.