Getting Festive During Finals

When I was younger December used to be my favourite month because I could spend the whole month getting into the holiday spirit, and my mind was in Christmas-mode the moment the clock struck 12 on December 1st. However, ever since starting university, I have found that my mind has been much more occupied with the stress of finals, leaving little time for holiday activities or to get into the holiday spirit. That’s why I have decided to share my best tips and tricks to get into the Christmas spirit during finals season.


Christmas Movies 

This hands down one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit this December. Not only does it remind you that Christmas is right around the corner, but it also provides the best distraction after spending hours preparing for your tests. Whether its a Netflix movie or one of the hundreds being shown on tv, you're guaranteed to find the perfect film to embrace the holiday spirit. Pick your favourite, prepare a bowl of popcorn and get prepared for an hour (or two) of holiday cheer.



There is nothing better than decorating a gingerbread house or cookies after a long hard day. Not only is it a great de-stresser, but it is also guaranteed to taste amazing. Get some of your girlfriends together and spend the evening harnessing your inner Masterchef! 


Christmas Music 

Christmas music is great because December is the perfect time to play it at all times. Whether you turn on your favourite songs while studying, while reading a book, or even during your commute to school or work, it's a surefire way to embrace the holiday spirit. 


Holiday Events 

This holiday season, Edmonton is hosting multiple events throughout the city which are a great excuse to take a break from school for a couple hours and have some fun. Whether you choose to attend Glow Edmonton, Festival of Trees, or the new Christmas Market downtown, there is definitely something in the city for everyone to embrace the holiday cheer.



Even if you are living in residence during December, you can still head out to the dollar store or a craft shop and pick up a couple of items to spruce up your room! There is nothing like being surrounded by a tree or a variety of different holiday decorations to help you get into holiday mode.