Fun Arts Options To Take At UAlberta

Throughout my three years (so far) at the University of Alberta pursuing a BA in Drama, I have had the opportunity to compliment my major classes with some fun option courses. As well, through searching through the course catalogue extensively, I have found even more that I would love to take one day! As we move into the winter semester and schedules undergo their last minute fixes, here are some cool options for fun arts classes to take to fulfill a requirement or just to add something fun to your degree! (Note that all the course descriptions are taken from the U of A Course Catalogue )


CLASS 102 - Course Description: A survey of classical mythology with readings in translation from various ancient authors as well as from modern scholarly works.


While this may sound not very interesting it is quite the opposite. I took this class in my first year and enjoyed it immensely!


Pros: You get to learn about Ancient Greek gods and heroes and myth.

Cons: There are a lot of names and relationships to know but they’re fun so its not that bad,


SCAND 399 – Special Topics


There is no course description for this class as it is an individualized class to whatever the professor makes it but in the past this class has been on ABBA, called ‘Mamma Mia: Queer I Go Again’. Through this course you examine ABBA and the role they played in the gay community and the cult following they gained.


Pros: ABBA

Cons: As far as I know, its only offered in the spring.


DRAMA 149 – Course Description: Speech and movement improvisation with an emphasis on imaginative development; introduction to the process of acting and to dramatic form.

Note: Designed for students with little or no previous background in Drama. 


Shoutout to my department! The cool thing is you don’t have to be a drama student to take this class! This section is specifically designed for those who are not in the department but still are interested in improv and acting!


Pros: spend 6 hours a week playing games, being silly, stretching and getting a nice creative break from other classes

Cons: I believe it does take up 6 hours a week on the time table and depending on the class and assignments you will likely have to put more rehearsal time in outside of class.


CHRTC 350 – Course Description: An examination of relationships between science and religion. Topics may include Galileo affair, geology and Noah's flood, Darwin's religious beliefs, evolution vs creation debate, intelligent design, natural evil, interpretations of Genesis 1-11.


I also took this class this year and it was very interesting! It is a great option for any Science students who need an Arts option. Even though it is a theology course and thus rooted in the Catholic/Christian religion my class was a mix of many different beliefs. Ever wondered how science and religion can coexist and how evolution can fit into theology and Christianity? Then this class is for you!


Pros: great in-class discussion, easy grade booster, little assignments

Cons: it is very intellectually challenging and provokes a lot of thought (maybe this is a pro?)


CHRTC 309 – Special Topics


This is another of those special topics classes where the prof sets the material but look for the one titled Star Wars, The Hunger Games and the Bible. Throughout this course you examine various philosophical debates and issues that can be found in both Star Wars or the Hunger Games and the Bible. This is another theology course so there are some Biblical elements in the course.


Pros: Learn about philosophy, theology and how it relates to some great pop culture! Very interesting readings and minimal assignments.

Cons: Online class (maybe this is a pro), there is some bias towards the Christian belief system (if this is not your thing) but it is pretty minimal.