Everything You Need to Know About the Legalization of Cannabis

As we all probably know by now, after much debate about the date, cannabis is about to be legal in Canada. Yes, cannabis is now legal in Canada as of October 17, 2018. However this does not mean that it is a free for all; that everyone can smoke cannabis anywhere and anytime they would like. The government of Canada has laid out some ground rules that they want everyone to follow regarding cannabis:

-Only if you're 18+

-Only from licensed stores or http://albertacannabis.org/

-30 grams is the most you can buy or carry at a time

-You can't smoke in some public places - know your local laws

-Only 4 plants can be grown per household

-Driving high is illegal

-It can not be within reach of anyone in a vehicle

-Edibles are not yet legal to sell

-Children cannot enter cannabis stores, even with an adult

The government of Alberta has specifically outlined 4 policy priorities for cannabis legalization in our province to ensure maximum safety of Albertans:

1.   Keeping cannabis out of the hands of children and youth

2.   Protecting safety on roads, in workplaces and in public spaces

3.   Protecting public health

4.   Limiting the illegal market for cannabis

The government of Canada has laid out one rule that affects the students at the University of Alberta: you can't smoke in some public places. As a public university, the University of Alberta gets to decide:

-Whether and where cannabis can be smoked and vaped on its campuses or at related events

-Policies concerning cannabis use and intoxication in the workplace or learning environment

-Whether or not to sanction cannabis at university events

-The degree to which the institution’s administration supports, encourages and pursues cannabis-related research

-Whether and to what extent the institution funds and promotes education and communication to assist its community in making informed and healthy choices

-Whether and to what extent the institution funds and promotes education and communication to assist external communities in making informed and healthy choices

Therefore, the university has developed their own set of rules. The university’s rules were created by Risk Management Services and the Office of the Dean of Students who formed a cannabis working group to better understand and prepare for cannabis related issues and provide recommendations for solutions. I have taken the university's regulations straight from their website from the final report of the Cannabis Working Group. But, to sum it up for those who would rather not read all of the rules, the most applicable rules are these:

 -You can not advertise or sell cannabis products on the university campus.

-You can only smoke or vape cannabis in certain locations on the university's campus, and you must be 10 meters away from building entrances and non cannabis users.

-You can not consume cannabis at university events.

-You can not smoke, vape, cook, or grow cannabis in residence buildings.

Check out this document for the full version of the rules should you feel so inclined to know exactly what you can and can not do.