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Burnout Prevention: How to Power Through the Last Few Weeks of School

The end of the semester is near, and oftentimes this is when I experience the most burnout and lack of motivation. You can almost see the end and it’s easy to think that you can just take a break and slack off. However these last two weeks are the most crucial, especially since we are heading right into exams, and so I have compiled some of my favourite tips and tricks to help you crush your final days of classes. 


Change up your routine 

Being three months into the semester we oftentimes become comfortable, and have a routine that we like to follow when it comes to studying and day to day activities in general. But that can become boring and predictable and you’re more likely to abandon it altogether than follow through with it. That’s why I recommend switching up your routine. It can be little things, like studying in a different location or with friends. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is something you enjoy and look forward to, something that will help keep you motivated and engaged in these last few weeks. 


Don’t be afraid to take breaks 

I know this completely contradicts what I said earlier, but breaks are really important and helpful if they are done in moderation. As exams creep closer and closer, panic starts to set in and it makes it really easy to start cramming and spending the majority of your day studying your material. Intense studying is important, but it is also important to give your brain and rest and take a mental break. This can be anything from watching a short YouTube video or reading a couple pages of a book, just make sure you give your brain time to recharge so you can come back focused and ready. You can even use a timer to make sure you return to the task at hand and don’t find yourself watching your hundredth YouTube video in a row.


Use planners to help you map out what you want to accomplish 

It can get pretty hectic the closer we get to finishing this semester and sometimes the work you need to get done can get lost in the chaos. That’s why I use a planner to write out what exactly I want to accomplish everyday and when I need to accomplish it by. Each day I will write out what classes I will be studying for and any assignments I am going to work on. This helps me plan ahead, so when it comes closer to my exams I feel prepared and ready to tackle any obstacles in my way. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it by colour coding and highlighting different sections- just because your planner contains boring stuff in it doesn’t mean it has to look boring. 


Make time for friends and being social 

It is super easy to close yourself off and hole away in your room during exam week but being social is important. Make the time to set off a couple hours to just get out of the house and hang out with friends and people you truly care about. It doesn’t have to be anything glamourous, just enough to remind you that there are other people who exist outside the walls of your bedroom.


Rieley Tomkinson

U Alberta '22

Rieley is a third year Elementary Education student at the University of Alberta. When she's not busy studying you can find her binging a new Netflix show, singing along to musicals, playing with her dog or curled up with a new book.
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