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Phew! It’s been quite a busy few weeks for all college students. The first few weeks of a new year are really crucial, because they could determine the experience for the whole year. Getting used to new professors, adding/dropping courses, meeting new people, the list goes on. And with everything happening right now you could probably use a few things that could make your experience easier. Plus a little retail therapy could definitely help you (at least it helps me).


I love a good journaling moment after a long day of school. What better time to get a journal, than in college? There are loads of things you’d learn and might want to reflect on. And you can have a good laugh at the things you write in them later on. I found the cutest journal on amazon.


These clip on fans are a lifesaver. Imagine you settling to do some work with all the tension that surrounds school work. It could be a source of nice air to cool the atmosphere and keep you calm while getting some work done. Plus, you have the option of using your fan to make it a small tabletop fan with a base.


This could be especially useful for people who have roommates, and might want to study at night. The last thing you need in college is some unnecessary fight with someone over something that could be solved with a cute little booklight. It’s also flexible, and could be used as a stand alone table lamp.


With a lot of devices being used by us as students, an iPad, a laptop, a smartphone and that’s just to mention a few. Some people even have game consoles and televisions in their room. Extension cords could help you charge a number of devices at the same time, which is time saving.


I initially thought that iPhone chargers  could only be bought at the iStore or at verified resellers, and they all sell the same short wire that sometimes cannot stretch from the charging spot to my bed. Yes I’m a member of Gen Z, and I’d love using my phone while it’s charging and I’m sure you’ve had that idea too. Fortunately, there are extra long chargers you can get on amazon so that you can use your phone anywhere and anytime. So you could have a power bank in your school bag, connected to the phone in your hand and it’ll be charging. It is also good for emergency 1% battery life problems a minute before your snapchat streaks expire.


Over the door hooks are a simple way to hang your items, such as towels, coats, scarves, and maybe even an umbrella. People also use them to hang up damp clothes or to air their items. They are extremely versatile especially since they’re not fixed structures, so they can be used anywhere. During christmas my mum uses these to hang the wreath.


Talk about saving the best for the last. I recently found out about these from a James Charles video (hi Sisters!) and I couldn’t be more obsessed with this. So these mini tiles can be hooked on probably anything that you might easily misplace like your wallet, keys, basically anything. You download the app on your phone and you’re good to go. You can now officially track your missing item with a map (useful if you left it in an Uber or a store) and you can make your tile ring (if it’s in your dorm or pocket). College students can be very forgetful so this is a lifesaver.

This list of 7 college essentials would help you out one way or another. That being said I hope everyone has a nice semester.

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