5 New Makeup Releases I WON"T Be Buying

My Rouge status at Sephora says something about me; I have a problem. I’ve been trying to cut back on my spending, however, and all these new releases are making it pretty easy for me. Things just aren’t exciting anymore and they seem to repeat over and over again. Can the beauty industry just step up their game already?!

  1. 1. Madonna X Too Faced collab

    Price: $75 USD per palette (top left and top right)


    Photo courtesy of makeupworldnews on Instagram


    C’mon Too Faced. Madonna doesn’t deserve this bland collection. It’s basic, it’s overpriced, and I’m pretty sure I can dupe all of these colours with one palette. This looks like it was thrown together at the last minute. Coming at $75 USD per palette, it’s going to be a no from me. Great idea, poor execution- they completely missed the mark. I love Too Faced and am a big fan of their Born this Way concealer as well as their chocolate bar eyeshadow palettes. However, for the past 2 years, this brand has been going downhill and the Madonna collection isn’t going to make things better.

  2. 2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Vol II

    Price: $60 USD for 25 shades

    Photo courtesy of anthonymerante on Instagram

    Wait, hold up. Wasn’t the Norvina Vol I palette released a few weeks ago? Why is ABH so quick to churn out another one? It sure sounds like a cash grab to me. Besides the money-hungry instinct, I really do love the colours in this palette but there seems to be no consistent colour story. The randomly added reds and neutrals among the blues and greens throw me off. It makes it look almost like Claire’s makeup. Some organization please… NEXT!

  3. 3. Kat von D Lolita Por Vida

    Price: $49.50 USD for 18 shades

    Photo courtesy of trendmood1 on Instagram

    Uhm, is measles a shade name? Anti-vaxx, racism, and Nazi sympathizing aside, Kat von D is milking Lolita hard. With the whole Lolita collection that came out last year, I don’t think anyone is asking for a re-release. These colours are boring and many brands have already done it before. I can’t wait to see this palette at Winners though!

  4. 4. Morphe 35O3 Fierce

    Price: $25 USD for 35 shades

    Photo courtesy of morphebrushes on Instagram

    Wow, it’s the same palette Morphe releases every single time but with a green thrown in it! Morphe really is taking the reigns of creativity and showing the other brands who’s who. All jokes aside, do we really need another warm neutral palette? Not to mention, their patchy formula isn’t anything remotely interesting. If you are looking for a Morphe palette with a good formula, I do highly recommend the first MorphexJaclynHill collab. I promise there’s nothing except creamy shimmers and blendable mattes, not even a hair (I’m looking at you, Jaclyn Cosmetics).


  5. 5. Too Faced 2019 Holiday Collection

    Price: $49 USD for 18 shades

    Photo courtesy of beaty_r0ug3 on Instagram

    Of course Too Faced had to be featured in this post twice. Is it really “extra spicy” or is it just “extra boring?” Above is a comparison of the 2018 palette (top) with the apparently new spiced up version for 2019 (bottom). I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty much the same thing with similar colour stories.

Article By Ivy Hu