3 Better-For-Earth Clothing Brands

We seem to be in a period of limbo where many individuals are becoming more aware of the negative effects that fast fashion has on the environment, while others are still purchasing garments to be worn once and then discarded. Thrifting flows in and out of popularity. Brands such as Forever Twenty-One are going out of business, only to be replaced by overseas fast-fashion companies.


Sustainability is a buzzword, floating around in many areas, but recently gaining traction in the fashion industry. Lucky for us Canadians, there are some amazing, sustainable brands that have begun shipping to us. Sustainable clothing does come with a steeper price-tag, and these brands are embracing the fact that by choosing quality, you can have pieces that last, and that can be worn in many ways. If you break down the cost of these items per wear, it becomes clear that you are helping the environment and your pocketbook, as you won't have to be running to the mall for new pieces nearly as often.


Here are three clothing brands which are taking it upon themselves to be better-for-earth:

  1. 1. Mate The Label


    "Mate is a clean essentials brand made sustainably in Los Angeles with non-toxic, natural, and certified organic materials." -MATE the Label.


    Mate uses GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, they ship with 100% recycled packing material, and ae working towards comopostable packaging, and they are beginning a system to allow customers to return their used items to be recycled. Founder, Kayti O'Connell Carr, is proud to offer clean, beautiful garments, and boasts her pride for her female-founded, and predominantly female-run company. I love the simplicity and wearability of all of their pieces. The neutral tones, ability to layer, and high quality fabrics makes these garments the ideal base for a capsule wardrobe.

  2. 2. Reformation


    "Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We're #2." -Reformation


    Reformation focuses on four main areas in their goal setting, design, and business: Product, People, Planet, Progress. Reformation is also focused on making garments that fit women well, so much so that they make capsule collections for plus sizes, petites, heavy chested, and other unique body shapes. Ensuring that there are pieces to perfectly fit the wearers reduces the chances that the garments will become waste. Ref focuses on sustainability through monitoring the environmental footprint, investing in organizations that are planet-positive and that replace the resources they use, and they are proud to share all of their data and goals to be entirely transparent. Reformation has key, basic pieces, but also has a wide array of unique patterns and items to keep your closet colourful and sustainable. On their website you can even shop for simple wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses - your one stop shop for sustainable clothing.

  3. 3. Everlane


    "Exceptional quality. Ethical factories. Radical Transparency." -Everlane


    Everlane focuses on finding the best factories and making high-quality, timeless pieces. Part of their transparency is sharing the costs to produce their garments, and they claim to avoid traditional retail markup. One of their biggest boasts is their "world's cleanest denim factory," where water and byproducts are recycled and alternative energy sources are used. Many of Everlane's pieces are neutrals or basics, ranging from casual to business-professional in style.