10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Year

There are many things I wish I had known going into my first year. Here is what I learned after finishing my first year, and all the things I could have done better to set myself up for the rest of my university career.


   Leaving studying until the last minute

This is something we all will be guilty of at some point or another, however avoid doing this consistently to keep your grades up. University is by no means high school. You cant study one hour before the exam and be fine. You need to put in the hours in order to be successful.


Skipping class

 First off, do you know how much your paying to be at university, let alone how much one class costs? Do I need to say more? Yes there is always something else we would rather be doing but think about the bigger picture and go to class!


 Sleeping through lectures

 This is just as bad, if not worse than skipping class, as the professor could catch you sleeping. As much as the sleep deprivation will get to you, do not sleep through class. Professors like to lecture from notes they don't give you and show videos, all of which you are only privy to if you go to class and stay awake. Focusing during class also makes studying that much easier as you wont be learning everything brand new.


Buying brand new books

If you can avoid this, you save yourself a lot of money in the long run. Textbooks are hella expensive, so buying a used one or borrowing from a friend is the best way to go. Heck, check it out from the library if your able to.


Force yourself to do the readings

 As much as this may seem tedious because it might not be tested or there wont be a pop quiz on it, do the readings. Profs don't give them to you because they like to suffocate you with work, they do it so you get a better understanding of the concepts they are trying to teach.  So anything your prof hands you, read it.


Don't trust anyone with group assignments

 Not everyone's as much of a keener as you are. Many people slack off, wait till the last minute, or just don't do the work and screw you at the last minute. Give your group a deadline to get atlas half of their work in way before the due date to see if they will get the work done. If not kick them out of the group and let your professor know they are not in your group anymore.


Don't force yourself to stick it out if its not working

 Many of us think that if we signed up for it, we are stuck in the worst class ever for the whole semester. Nope, if you just hate it or you failed the midterm, avoid the F by withdrawing.


Don't get too involved

 As exciting as university is and all the things that it offers, don't get sucked in. You are there for school and there is no award for the person involved in the most things. Get a grip on studying and form your habits before you indulge in your wild side.


 Don't compare your experience with someone else’s

 Just because people you know are going out every weekend and you are in the library studying does not mean they are having a better university experience. You do you; find the best study space, have your favourite coffee, go to class, and be the best you.


  First year really does count

 Even if it technically doesn’t, you build your study habits in your first year. If you spend it partying, your either going to do really bad in your second year or you'll continue partying. Think about your future and what you want and start shaping your habits in your first year.