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Websites To Read When You’re Bored

When you are procrastinating hard core, do you look through your Facebook newsfeed aimlessly until you’ve seen every, single post?? When I was in high school, my go to was Seventeen magazine’s website, but since I’m 21 I feel like I’ve got to move on. Here are some websites I browse now when I need to spark some ~inspiration~ and learn more about “adult things” I should know.

1. Refinery29

This website is actually my favorite; it’s for a young professional audience so I feel like I’m reading from real adults who I strive to be like one day. They have certain series that keep me coming back like Lucie Fink’s videos where she tries 5 days of something new and Money Diaries where you can see how women spend their paychecks in different cities for a week.

2. The Everygirl

This website is to help shape the “creative, career-driven women to experience her life better lived.” My favorite sections are the career profiles which are interviews with successful women across a variety of professional fields, city travel guides, and the recipe guides which organize different recipes from all over into things like “19 easy lunches you can meal prep on Sundays.”

3. PureWow

This one was a recent find for me and I keep coming back because of their travel section. I love looking at the articles that fuel my wanderlust side and make me add to my list of places I want to go. The book section helps me decide what to add to my reading list, including not just books but important articles too. 

4. Skinnytaste

If you’re like me, you save a lot of recipes and videos that you say you’re going to cook, and then never end up making them. So if you want more recipes to read through and save to “make later” this website is for you. I specifically like this website because if you’re gluten-free, there’s a section for you, if you eat like a child and want ‘kid friendly’ recipes, there’s a section for that, etc. The recipes are separated out for you to make finding new meals easy & tailored to your taste.

5. Cosmo

Cosmo magazine has always been there for me, from teaching me how to be less socially awkward to how society ‘expects’ me to dress. Do I even need to link this one??? 

6. Her Campus (duhhh)

If you’re reading this article, I assume you know what Her Campus is. I normally look at HC articles because they come up in my newsfeed on Facebook since I liked the page. Branch out from the Tulane articles, and check out stories from national writers and other campuses!

7. Buzzfeed

This article wouldn’t be complete without adding Buzzfeed. When in doubt, watch Tasty videos and take Buzzfeed quizzes.


So be unproductive & read on!!! 

Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Tulane Chapter Senior at Tulane University Majoring in Psychology, Minoring in Public Health Originally from Fort Myers, Florida