Tulane Sophomore and Upperclassmen Residence Halls

As we reach the midpoint of second semester, housing is on everyone’s mind as sophomores and upperclassmen who choose to live on campus weigh their options for the coming week. For all of the Tulanians who are getting ready to pick out their new home, here is some information on the options for next year.

Willow/Willow Townhomes:

As a current Willow B resident, I can definitely vouch for how nice it is to have such a big dorm room (big enough for a couch) as well as a common room, study room, laundry room, trash room, and kitchen on every floor. It is also known for being the quietest dorm on campus and this year it has lived up to this reputation, as I have never had a problem with noise when I am studying whether it is in my own room, the common room, or the study room. Willow Townhomes are similar to the other Willow dorms (A, B, C) in terms of noise level, but the townhomes have one big common room for all of the suites.

  • Options in Willow A, B, and C:
    • Single connected to double by a bathroom
    • Double connected to double by a bathroom
    • Single connected to single by a bathroom
    • Single with a private bathroom (limited)
  • Options in Willow Townhomes:
    • Single connected to single by a bathroom
    • Double connected to double by a bathroom


Irby and Phelps are the two dorms on either side of Bruff with suites of 8 people. Similar to Monroe and Sharp during freshmen year, this dorm is perfect for people who want to continue living in a social dorm because of the balconies connecting each of the rooms on the outside and the giant bathrooms connecting the suitemates. Although it isn’t the quietest dorm on campus, residents are still able to get homework done and there are common rooms for doing work as well.

  • Options in Irby/Phelps:
    • 8 person suite, or 4 doubles, connected by a bathroom


Mayer is known for being the best of both worlds in terms of how social yet quiet it is. This dorm is mostly quiet and residents are able to relax or work in peace when they want, but it is also social as many people arrange to live in the same hall as their friends. Mayer has common rooms, kitchens, and some rooms even have balconies to the outside, but what makes Mayer perfect for next year is its location, as it is directly across from Bruff and not too far of a walk from Newcomb or the LBC.

  • Options in Mayer:
    • Single connected to single by a bathroom
    • Double connected to double by a bathroom


As one of the newest dorms, Greenbaum is extremely modern with great kitchens and common rooms as well as spacious dorm rooms housing freshmen and sophomores. Although it is right across from the Boot, the floors are quiet and the first and second floors are soundproof, so it isn’t difficult to get work done when you need to and when you don’t need to do work the Boot is only a few steps away!

  • Options in Greenbaum:
    • Double connected to double by a bathroom


Weatherhead, or Soho, is the sophomore honors dorm, so you will most likely only be able to live here if you are currently in the honors program. If you are, get excited because this dorm is very new and spacious with a great quad right outside of the building. It is also quiet and tucked away behind Butler, which makes it perfect for getting work done.

  • Options in Weatherhead:
    • Double connected to double by a bathroom


Aron is mostly for upperclassmen, but sophomores can also live in these on-campus apartments if there are any left during their selection time. In apartments of 3, 4, or 5 singles, Aron also has a full kitchen, bathroom, and living room and comes with a couch and table. Aron is perfect for anyone who wants a little more space than the typical dorm gives him or her. While the actual bedrooms are about the same size, having the kitchen and living room allows residents to spread out a little more and it is typically pretty quiet. Aron also has a great courtyard in the middle of the dorms for all of its residents. 

  • Options in Aron:
    • Apartments with either 3, 4, or 5 singles with a kitchen, bathroom, and living room


Paterson is directly behind Bruff and houses both freshmen and sophomores with both inside rooms and outside rooms. Paterson is typically quiet, which makes it perfect if you are looking for a low-key dorm for next year. It is also pretty centrally located considering dorms on the front side of the building can see Bruff from their windows and Bruff quad in front of Paterson provides a great place to hang out on a nice day.