Travel Tastefully with These 5 Packing Tips

Summer is just around the corner! Part of my regular summer routines includes traveling. Whether for an internship, a visit to the beach, touring some of Europe’s oldest cities, or just taking a cross-country road trip—travel is a transformative but exhausting experience.


As part of my program at Tulane, I’ll be studying abroad this summer in Thailand. Afterward, I am flying to Brazil for two months for an internship. I will not be in the United States for the entire summer, which means I need to pack strategically for my summer travels. Travel can be stressful, but being prepared by packing the right things can lessen the intense demands of leaving home.


But beware of overpacking. Packing light also takes a weight off your shoulders (literally!) while you are jet setting. Check out my list of tips and tricks to make sure you are packing everything you need without sacrificing portability and convenience.

  1. 1. Consider the Season

    Summer travels means HOT weather! You won’t have to pack chunky sweaters and heavy jackets, meaning more room in your suitcase. Don’t try to fill the extra room in your suitcase with seven more swimsuits. A lighter suitcase means it will be easier for you to tote your luggage around.

  2. 2. Make a Packing List

    Ever look at your closet for an outfit ten minutes before you are supposed to leave for class? You can’t coordinate your outfit the way you want too, and you throw on a t-shirt and jeans before rushing out the door. That same feeling happens when you pack without a list of items. Sit down and write down everything you need. Ask your friends and family what they’re bringing. If it didn’t come to mind while you were writing your list or talking with your friends, chances are you don’t actually need it in your bag.

  3. 3. Mix and Match

    I consider myself a minimalist with clothing. I often dress in olive greens, earthy browns, greys, and black as part of my outfits. This makes it really easy to mix and match my clothing without seeming repetitive. Don’t be afraid to go out and buy some staple clothing items that you can wear as part of multiple outfits. This will cut down on space dramatically and ensure you have at least one item of every piece of clothing you may need.

  4. 4. Folding Makes a Difference

    Have you seen Mari Kondo’s Netflix special? That woman is a master of organization. Her folding technique makes a huge difference in creating space in your bag. Check out the link for a more detailed explanation!

  5. 5. Remember that you Can Buy Things Abroad if Needed

    Should you forget something while you're traveling, it will be okay! Toothpaste, underwear, and hair ties are all available in stores across the globe. As long as you have your valuables—passport, ID, wallet—everything else is replaceable.

Wherever you're going, packing your bags is an essential part to travel. Packing lightly though can mean a huge difference in terms of stress and anxiety. So pack prepared and good luck on your travels!