Three Things to Keep in Mind During Your First College Cry

Maybe it was your first trip to the doctor without a parent. Perhaps it was your first failed test, a betrayal by a new friend, overtiredness and a boatload of stress or one of the six billion other possibilities. There is a first time for everything, even a tear-flooded breakdown. Here are a few points to remember when your face is a literal waterfall:

1. It happens to all of us

Just because Olivia Pope can handle anything, it does not mean that you have to too. Tears are so incredibly natural. When you immerse yourself in a new environment (aka college) and separate from your long-term support system, things happen. Changes happen. And sometimes, these changes are hard to deal with. So, you cry, we cry. I cried last week. It is a thing. I lived. 

2. It does NOT make you weak

Repeat after me. I am a strong gal (or dude) who cried, and I will still survive. Tears are not indicators of weakness. If anything, I am channeling my emotions like a grown-up, whatever that is supposed to mean, and learning how my mind and body cope. Actually, this is just one huge preparation for the next three years, and probably my whole life. Thanks for the support Kleenex. 

3. Let yourself breathe

Now your eyes are puffy (shoutout to my roommate for asking if I had an allergic reaction) and your head throbs. The last thing you need to do at this instant is figure out what is really bothering you. Give yourself a break. Take a walk. Lay down for a bit. You have plenty of time to analyze your feelings. Let it be. If you find yourself crying more than your definition of normal, you might want to consider engaging in some introspective thought. But if not, just remember these three statements and you will be amazing. Spectacular, even. I believe in you.