Nightly Skincare Routine and Tips!!

Skincare and wellness are two things that have become increasingly important to me ever since starting college. Protecting and taking care of my skin is a process that has grown since the day I became conscientious about it. It started with just some cream and then it extended into so much more. I have a few products that I use nightly which have made my skin so clear, smooth, and healthy. I start off with washing my face and from there use a series of serums and creams. 


  1. Glossier- Milky Jelly Cleanser: this is the first step in my routine. Every night before brushing my teeth I apply this onto dry skin and then wash it off with warm water. This product can be purchased online from I find that the cleanser is smooth and hydrating which is a really important feature when it comes to skin care and washing the face as you never want to dry your skin out. 

  2. Rilastil- Daily Care: this is an exfoliator that I use twice a week to deeply clean out my pores. I try to stick to Sunday and Wednesday so that I always remember to use it. This product works best when a small amount is applied onto wet skin- I simply massage it into my face lightly and then wash it off. I personally love this product, however many similar products can be found at CVS or Walgreens. 

  3. Farmacy- Honeymoon Glow: this is my all time favorite serum. Serums are lightweight moisturizers that are able to get deeper into the pores and deliver active ingredients into the skin. They are best used after exfoliation as the pores are open and ready to be filled with cream. Serums offer hydration for the deeper layers of the skin that oftentimes are bypassed when simple topical creams are used. This is my favorite serum, it can be purchased on Farmcy’s website or even at Sephora! 

  4. Ahava- Time to Hydrate: This is the best cream ever. It is sold by AHAVA which is an Israeli skin care company. All of the products are made from minerals from the Dead Sea in Israel. Due to the levels of salt found in the water of the Dead Sea all creams and products made by AHAVA are extremely saturated with healthy minerals and ingredients that are perfect for all skin types. This cream is so lightweight and feels so good on the skin. 

  5. Butterfly Mist- Brown butterfly: this is an amazing lavender mist made with lavender, essential oils and purified water. I spray it on my face after applying all the creams and face washes. It is lightweight and helps mostly with relaxation.

This routine definitely developed over time and is always subject to change and additions. Skincare is so important, especially when we are young and because of this I made it a key thing to focus on. It is so easy to add a skin care program into our daily lives and I find that making it routine is the best way to stay on track and maintain healthy, happy skin!!