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Meet the Staff: Sam and Abbie

Hey HCT! This week’s staff interview features Samantha (we call her Sam) Rosen and Abbie Levenson. Abbie and Sam are actually big and little in their sorority, respectively, but met up to give you guys the inside scoop on some of the friendships we have in Her Campus!

(Sam is on the left, Abbie is on the right)

1) How did you guys meet?

Sam: we started talking at PJ’s right around Valentine’s Day my freshman year and within five minutes, I knew we were going to be best friends. I’m corny, I know.


2) What are your favorite bands?

Abbie: I’m obsessed with the Beatles (read my last article! http://www.hercampus.com/school/tulane/why-beatles-50th-anniversary-matters)… And I’ll answer for Sam, too- John Mayer. She’s also obsessed.

Sam: Guilty as charged. Abbie actually had some fraternity pledges sing to me during Big/Little week. The song was Your Body is a Wonderland…


3) What’s your dream job?

Sam: I want to be a music supervisor – basically, that’s the person that puts the music in movies/TV shows/commercials, etc. I think it’s the coolest thing in the world.

Abbie: I’m applying to social work schools but my cool dream job would to be on the committee that decides who gets an Oscar. We’re both kind of film-oriented.


4) How did you become involved with Her Campus?

Sam: I’ve actually been writing for Her Campus since my first semester freshman year. I’m a veteran, I guess. But I somehow stumbled across an advertisement for it and I’ve always liked writing and voicing my opinions, so I figured why not apply? I’m so glad I did.

Abbie: I actually heard of it partly through Sam and also through other girls in our sorority and on campus. It’s been so great getting to meet new girls and having a voice in the Tulane community.


5) If you could describe your friendship in one word what would it be?

Sam: Comfortable. I know I’m only supposed to use one word, but I feel like that encompasses a lot of other ones. I just always feel comfortable hanging out with Abbie and we can be silly, crazy, weird, funny, serious, whatever.

Abbie: We’re always on the same page. I was gonna say perfect. There’s so many dimensions to our friendship. It’s hard to pick one word!

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