Insta Accounts You Have to Follow

Alright, ladies. We are nearing the end of the semester, but it seems as though every single professor is piling on as much work as possible during these past few weeks. It might be time to sit back, relax, and go on an Insta binge. Check out these amazing accounts that make me forget about the two papers I have to write and the midterms I have to study for during this week.



I love Mari’s comics! Mari is a writer and illustrator who creates cute cartoons that seem to exactly describe what I’m feeling. She just released a book with even more of her creative work.



No matter what year of college you’re in, sometimes adulting is hard. This insta account discusses the hilarious issues that occur when you’re just trying to figure out what the hell you’re doing. Plus, the artist has an Etsy account where you can by some cute mugs!



Everyone needs a little guidance. The Everygirl is a great resource to find advice about careers, beauty, boys, and literally everything else. Think Seventeen, but for adults.



If you went to Voodoo Halloween weekend, you might have seen Lizzo. I love her. She even has a highlight reel with videos of her playing the flute.



The thing I’m looking forward to most (sorry, parents) is seeing my dog. Though my sister is constantly sending me pictures of Winston, I just can’t get enough ‘doodle love. That’s why I follow @goldendoodlesofinstagram. 13/10, would recommend. Such good doggos.



How else can I wrap a blog post up unless I shout out a NOLA account? @amournola posts pics of the coolest spots in the greatest city in the world. Check out their account and go explore some of the places on your own.