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How To Utilize a Dorm Room Fridge

One of the biggest struggles of starting to live on your own once you get to college is food. How to feed yourself without the help of your mom cooking you dinner every night. It’s not like you have a fully packed kitchen with extensive space and every bowl you need.

Bruff is always an option, but we all know it’s not ideal. The LBC closes and even those options can get boring. If you’re on the run, neither of these provide a fast and easy meal. However, every dorm room has a small microfridge (microwave-fridge). There’s not much space, but just enough to stop hunger throughout the day.

Whole Foods is not too far, so I usually buy my “groceries” there. Here is a list of items I like to keep in my fridge on a daily basis:


  1. Turkey: You can eat turkey by itself for some protein in your day or with bread kept in your room, maybe rice cakes or GG Crackers too.

  2. Hummus: Whether eaten with pretzels or some carrots, this is always something I love to have for a quick snack or lunch in my room when I need to do work at the same time.

  3. Yogurt: You can also get some granola – I love the blueberry granola from Whole Foods – and quickly eat it even on your walk to class.

  4. Cheesesticks: Also can be eaten on the go and pretty filling.

  5. Go-Go Squeeze Apple Sauce: Technically these are for babies, but I love them. It’s something small but refreshing that you can carry in your bag and walk with to class.

  6. Almond Milk: For cereal in the morning, but this alternative to regular milk lasts way longer and doesn’t expire as fast.

These are my personal preferences, but they all last me a long time and satisfy my daily hunger in between classes. There are many alternatives to these suggestions that you can take depending on what your favorite lunch-time snacks are. I always keep a pint of Ben and Jerrys or Halo Top in my freezer too for a late night sweet. You never know when you’ll need some ice cream after a night out.

Jordin Carp

Tulane '21

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