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Healthy Hacks: Choose This Not That Sushi Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

Healthy Hacks: Sushi Editon

Are you looking to make some healthier food choices? There are so many ways to make your favorite meals and snacks healthier by making a few small changes without compromising flavor. Here is a simple guide on choosing the healthier option when eating everyone’s faavorite: Sushi.

1. If you want something sweet

Choose this: Roll with mango 

Not: Roll with eel sauce

If you love eel sauce it’s probably because it’s just a mixture of mirin (rice wine), sugar and soysauce.Yeah,  it’s freaking delicious I know. But it’s not exactly the healthiest. When choosing healthier sushi it’s best to stay away from added sauces. The addition of mango to your roll (or even mango sauce if you can’t let go of the sauce idea) will satisfy the taste of sweetness that comes from eel sauce.

2. If you want something crunchy

Choose this: Cucumber roll

Not: “Crunchy” roll

Anything with “crunchy” in the description usually means it’s just crumbs of fried tempura batter. This is added calories, oil and unhealthy fat and by adding fresh cucumber to your roll or even getting a plain cucumber roll you’ll get that crunch and some extras veggies into your meal which is always a plus.

3. If you want spicy tuna

Choose this: Tuna roll with a side of hot sauce

Not: Spicy tuna roll

“Spicy” in the sushi world usually means hot sauce mixed with mayonnaise. If what you want is spicy ask for a side of hot sauce. If a restaurant has spicy mayo they are bound to have hot sauce! Drop a little on each piece of tuna and get that spicy flavor without the added calories and fat.

4. If you want shrimp

Choose this: Steamed shrimp roll or shrimp sushi 

Not: Shrimp tempura roll 

Shrimp on it’s own is a great source of protein and packs a lot of nutritional punch. Try getting shrimp sushi (thinly sliced shrimp over a ball of rice) or a shimp roll. You can also ask to replace the tempura sushi with unfried shrimp in a roll that includes shrimp tempura. If going healthy it’s best to stear clear of fried-anything.

5. If you want something fancy/decadent 

Choose this: Rainbow roll

Not: Spicy/crunchy/dynamite/ “whatever else the menu names it” roll

If you are looking for a roll with a lot of “stuff” on it, stick to rolls that feature a variety of thinly sliced fish. This will keep the protein up, the ingredients are pretty fresh and it will  definitly fill you up. Special rolls on sushi menus usually include spicy mayo, crunchies and sauces combined. While yes, these usually taste the best, they are the first to steer clear from if you’re looking to take the healthier route.


***Some more healthy sushi tips***

Opt for brown rice instead of white.

Ask for low sodium soysauce.

Stear clear of sauces and crunchies

Get rolls without Tobiko (fish eggs). It’s just added sodium.

Order simpler rolls. Fish, rice, veggies. It’s the cleanest option.


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