Getting Ready for Fall in New Orleans

We’re more than a week into October, yet there are no signs of fall to be seen in New Orleans. As someone who adores fall and grew up in the mountains, this change is shocking to me, but there are many ways to get excited for the holidays that don’t depend on crisp morning air or changing leaves.


Dorm rooms are the first and last thing we see each day, so they should definitely be festive during the holidays! The weather may not reflect the season, but your dorm room always can. There is no better way to get in the mood for fall than to transform your room. Cheap and simple decorations such as string lights, small pumpkins, throw pillows, blankets, and plaid, can instantly spice up a room.

Find (or create!) the Perfect Playlist

I love making playlists for seasons, feelings, and events. The right combination of songs can always create the perfect vibe for a cozy fall day. For fall, I typically turn toward the indie, folk, and alternative genres! Listening to seasonal music while walking through campus, doing your homework, or simply just relaxing will ease you into autumn vibes. 


Virtual Fireplace

Recreate the feeling of sitting by the fireplace with this website that offers live footage of a crackling fire and a variety of soothing background noises to complete the scene. This is the perfect background for a study session or night in with friends!

Build a Practical Fall Wardrobe

Let’s face it, New Orleans weather doesn’t exactly reflect ideal fall temperatures. While wearing an oversized sweater may be cozy indoors, the second you step outside, you start to melt. One way to satisfy the desire to wear fall clothing without overheating is to purchase short-sleeved items in autumnal colors! It’s impractical to walk around campus in a comfy sweatshirt, but it is always cold enough for fall apparel in classrooms, coffee shops, and study spots. 


Seasonal Treats

From September to December, every brand releases seasonal treats in pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, and cranberry flavors. These foods can be enjoyed regardless of weather outside and pumpkin foods always taste better in the fall! Living in New Orleans doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your favorite coffee flavors because of the heat. Instead of ordering hot coffees, opt for iced versions of your favorite beverages to cool down in the Louisiana heat!

Plan a Night in

Instead of shopping online or digging around for old clothes, you can turn Halloween costume planning into an activity with friends. Taking a trip to the Halloween department of Target or rummaging through a thrift store will make Halloween even more exciting! Afterwards, snuggle up and watch some scary movies in your dorm room. It isn't necessary to spend time outside to create fall memories with your friends! 

Attend Fall Festivals

It is impossible to be bored in New Orleans. Throughout fall, the city offers us many unique festivals to enjoy. From Voodoo Music & Arts Experience to the Treme Creole Gumbo Festival, there are a multitude of fun events to attend with your friends during the fall time!