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Foods To Fuel Your Brain

Finals week can easily become the dreariest part of the semester. When our eyes burn from staring at our computer screens, our brains feel overwhelmed with information and our legs become stiff from sitting in a library cubicle, each day can simply feel endless. However, the food you eat throughout the week can make or break this daily pattern. Choosing foods with brain-enhancng nutrients has the power to decrease your time spent at the library, and give you more time to relax and enjoy the last few weeks of the semester: 

BLUEBERRIES are proven to enhance short term memory, so snacking on this fruit can help you absorb information at a quicker pace. 

BROCCOLI is filled with Vitamin K – a nutrient that enhances cognitive skills, such as memory, reasoning, and processing speed.

The high level of caffeine found within COFFEE can  help us to remain alert for long periods of time – keeping us productive throughout the many hours spent at the library.

DARK CHOCOLATE is a treat that increases blood flow to the brain, providing our brain cells with more power to complete tasks. It is also proven to lower blood pressure, helping to reduce stress.

A hydrated brain is a happy brain, so drinking WATER is vital to sustain all of the brain’s functions. Keeping the brain saturated can help to enhance focus and processing.

The unsaturated fats found within AVOCADOS also help to regulate blood flow, allowing the brain to function at its highest potential. 

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