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Five Planners to Get You Organized for 2020

Happy Holidays from HerCampus! With exams right around the corner, I know the last thing you want to do is think about next semester. But preparation for next semester is key to a happy and healthy 2020.


What’s first to do on your list? Get a new planner for all of your scheduling and organization. Outlining project due dates, paper deadlines, and personal events can help keep everything in order and take a lot of stress off of your shoulders.


Where do you even begin to look for the perfect planner? I’ve got you covered. Here are five planners I recommend for the new year.

Passion Planner

This planner has a monthly and weekly layout, so you can break down project deadlines into manageable steps. You can customize the planner by color and start date. Also, $1 of your purchase goes toward the Malala Fund. Order now and it should arrive before the new year.




The LaMare Planner

This Lamare planner is undated and has plenty of prompts to help you focus on what is most important in times of stress and busyness. The color scheme is minimalistic but super pretty. They also have stickers on sale and a well-curated Instagram page.


Starry Night Planner from Scribbles that Matter

Of course, you could always go with a bullet journal. This gives you the freedom to creatively craft your weeks and incorporate some artistic expression into your organization. This bullet journal from “Scribbles that Matter” is a great beginner bullet journal to work with.


Planner By Create and Cultivate

The Create and Cultivate planner is one of my top favorites on this list. I love how the company has plenty of variations and designs to choose from on the Target website. Also, these planners tend to run less expensive than others on this list so they are an absolute steal.

Erin Codren’s Academic Planners

Erin Condren’s planners are on the more expensive side, but totally worth the splurge. Specifically, her academic planners have personalized pages that help students structure their projects and other academic responsibilities. Plus, you can customize it further by putting your name on the front or choosing between three color options. Take a look at her website, something will certainly catch your eye.


And with that, those are my five planner recommendations for the college girl on the go. I have found that using a planner has been immensely useful during my time at Tulane. I know that I’ll be ordering a new planner for the 2020 year soon, and so should you! Make it a holiday present to yourself. Happy holidays!

Hannah Ellis

Tulane '22

Tulane Senior majoring in Latin American Studies and Finance.
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