Five Dining Hacks For When the Going Gets Bruff

Five Dining Hacks For When the Going Gets Bruff


By Krista Andreoni


College cafeteria food has never been the epitome of fine dining. Although New Orleans’ food is famously mind-blowing, no one at Tulane expects Bruff to serve chargrilled oysters. We need alternatives to cockroaches crawling in our cauliflower or chicken pinker than Elle Wood’s wardrobe.       




Cockroach Video:


The Commons will be a new dining hall, but the food will be the same. The company Sodexo serves food at prisons, hospitals, and college campuses.


Freshman year I wound up in front of the toilet for three hours because of Bruff’s meatloaf. Although, honestly, it was partially my fault. Why did I pick meatloaf at Bruff? I have been back there a few times for their mac and cheese, cereal, and fruit. Nothing else. Here are my best alternatives to Bruff:

  1. Go to the LBC. I have never gotten sick from any of the food in there. All the meal plans come with wave bucks, you might as well spend them on good food. Beside who doesn’t love Panera?
  2. Order from Hillel. The food there is amazing and they have tasty healthy options. It’s a bit of a walk, but it’s worth it. Plus, if you are sick and do not feel up to the journey, call and they will deliver matzah ball soup right to your door! I did not think I could go there freshman year because I am not Jewish, but I was an idiot. Everyone is welcome.
  3. Try Luff. Tulane is right next to Loyola and they have their own dining hall. Everyone here calls it Luff (as in Loyola’s Bruff) and you can use your meal swipes there even though you are not a Loyola student. We can also use each other’s libraries and take a few classes at their campus. The only problem with this is that Luff is only open at certain times, but their food is better so looking up the times they are open is worth it. Plus they have a Subway as well as a sushi place, Starbucks, and more.
  4. Use your NOLA bucks. They are part of most meal plans. Even if you do not want them, you probably have them. NOLA bucks work at a few select restaurants in the city including Poke NOLA, Mellow Mushroom, The Milk Bar, Ninja Sushi, Pizza Hut, d’Juice, and more. They give you an excuse to get out and experience New Orleans.
  5. Try cooking. All the dorms have a kitchen somewhere. Fresh Market has started taking NOLA bucks and splash cash. When you do not have any extra money to spend, figure out when the Tulane bus is going to Fresh Market, and buy your groceries with your splash card. Cooking is also a great way to bond with new friends. If you do not want to go off campus, see what you can find at McAlister Market.  






Cockroach Cauliflower: Video from The Black Sheep Tulane on September 11, 2018

Pink Chicken: Picture from The Black Sheep Tulane on April 30, 2018