Fall Break: From City to City (How to readjust to being back on campus and in class after fall break)

          This fall break seemed to sneak up just like it always does: right as you got into the swing of classes *bam!*- you were hit with a midterm!  When you were finally readjusted to dorm life or could actually say you have the campus layout and your schedule down pat (welcome freshmen!), some much-needed vacation time is thrown at you. This has seniors and freshmen alike left with time to think about home, New Orleans and Tulane. Whether you don't know how the first half of the semester flew by so quickly or it feels like this semester will never end, fall break is the perfect time to check in with yourself.          

It's safe to say everyone loves their friends here and Tulane is anything short of uneventful. For those farther from home, though, the almost two month time frame before fall break is enough of an absence to simultaneously readjust to campus and miss home (i.e. family, old friends, etcetera). For those who didn't leave you maybe the simple concept of having your own space is a forlorn thought. For those who went home or on a short vacation, coming back to campus can be a mini culture shock. And to those of you who stayed on campus- going back to classes after having cheap Ubers and no omelet line is tough! So here's some tips to get over your homesickness mid-semester and readjust to back campus life after fall break:

1. Join a club or become more involved in what something you're already participating! Engagement on campus is more than a resume booster- it's a way to do something you're passionate about and meet people who have similar interests!

2. Go to the gym! Endorphins from exercise make you happy. Try one of the classes at Riley with some friends, do some zen and mindful yoga, or hit the treadmill after class- exercising is not just healthy, but also social! Added bonus: you'll be ahead of the game getting that swimsuit body in the fall!

3. Explore New Orleans! Make News Orleans your home away from home. This will help ease the dive back into classes after fall break by offsetting homesickness and having a range of activities from which to choose partake in. October is the Mardi Gras of the fall. With Halloween just around the corner, New Orleans is in full swing- make the most of it!

4. Take advantage of what campus has to offer! So much more than clubs, Tulane has events like New Orleans has festivals. Trying something new, having a fun experience or just getting some free food can put a spring in your step- all without stepping off campus!

5. Talk to and stay connected family and friends back home: send packages, Skype, FaceTime, or text.

6. Reorganize your room. Living space affects your mental state. Bring things you like from home, add a southern flare and you'll feel balanced and ready to continue the semester strong!

7. Go to class. It's a smoother transition when you're caught up on the material. Whether you're loving your courses this semester, or getting those prerequisites out of the way- we still have half a semester to go. Staying on top of work equals staying on top of stress, which is key to a successful and happy experience!

With these tips and tricks you'll  have a strong and fun end to the rest of the semester!