Bruff Hacks: Because We're All Out of WaveBucks

Bruff Hacks: 2 Recipes to Step Up Your Game

Have you noticed that Bruff has been more crowded lately? It’s April and that means we’re all out of WaveBucks. Whether you Bruff at an awkward time and there are no premade meals out, or if you’re just sick of them, here are 2 recipes to break up the monotony that is Bruff.


Cranberry Spinach Grilled Cheese

Starting at the sandwich line, get your favorite bread. Then ask for provolone, spicy mustard, and spinach. Head to the yogurt to add some cranberries, then go put it in the Panini press. Voila, you have a fancy grilled cheese without the Le Gourmet price. If you want to make it extra special, ask for turkey on your sandwich and remind yourself that Thanksgiving is only 7 months away.


Chipotle inspired Burrito Bowl

Beginning your journey at the grains station near the salad bar, start with your choice of quinoa/wheat berry/etc. If you want protein, go to the sandwich line and ask for chicken, or get some tofu from the salad bar. Next, hit the salad bar again for corn, black beans, and anything else that seems appealing. Pop that all in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Are you tired yet? Head to the baked potato bar and top your bowl off with sour cream and a sprinkle of cheese. Head back to your table and choose from Chipotle or Jalapeño Tabasco, both excellent choices. If you're feeling fancy, grab a lime from the water fountain and squeeze it over your bowl. 


~bonus tip~ put sprinkles on your yogurt, it’s worth the calories every time!