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Admitting to yourself and others that you may need help or are going through a difficult time can be frightening. Taking the steps to get the attention you need may also seem scary or potentially overwhelming; I’m here to tell you it does not have to be. There’s a pretty good chance you know someone who attends therapy if you yourself do not. While not everyone necessarily needs therapy, I think every single person could benefit from opening up in one way or another. In my experience, Betterhelp.com has made this astonishingly easy and accessible.

The online therapy platform aims to make appointments “accessible, affordable, and convenient” and offers a wide variety of therapists to meet the needs of any prospective patient. I’d been hearing about the service through influencers on YouTube and Spotify for quite some time prior to signing up myself. I had some doubts about testing it out because of previous therapy experiences and how publicized the platform was on social media. However, I could not have had a more positive experience, and anyone who knows me beyond the Her Campus team can confirm how often I plug this website to people looking for therapists. The therapy itself is incredibly easy and flexible to manage and the Betterhelp team makes it a priority to match clients with the best fit possible. The initial survey that the website presents you with allows personalization so that therapists are knowledgeable and qualified to assist their patients’ needs. Beyond this, it is basically up to you to decide what you need, the frequency of your appointments, and other logistical aspects that can come up when starting to see a new therapist. Beginning therapy no matter the circumstances is an overwhelming task, and the first time around might not be right for everyone. In my experience, Betterhelp.com has eased some of those feelings and has contributed to therapy becoming a more productive and enjoyable experience overall. At the end of the day, the only person who knows what is right for you is you. However, I have seen the benefits of Betterhelp.com firsthand and think it is a great place to start if you don’t know exactly where you should. 

Hi everyone! My name's Bri and I'm from Philadelphia. I'm a Tulane student in the class of 2025 and I'm majoring in Communications with a minor in Psychology. I love reading and I'm excited to be a part of the HerCampus team!
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