Becoming Vegan

After deciding to become more conscientious of the environment, I decided that I should make an effort to become vegan. The meat and dairy industries are very damaging towards the environment, and, upon discovering how they are actually produced, I realized that I should no longer buy into a harmful system. However, because we are so dependent on meat and dairy, it can be hard to become vegan. Here are my best tips for easing into the vegan lifestyle.

1. Transform your diet one step at a time 

Before deciding to become vegan, I was vegetarian for one month. I would recommend taking baby steps and slowly cutting out animal products. Having been vegetarian for a month, I was already accustomed to not including meat in my diet. This made completing the journey through eliminating dairy much easier.

Image Credit: Beyond Meat  

2. Reach out to vegan friends

I have quite a few friends both on and off Tulane's campus who follow a vegan lifestyle. After expressing my interest in veganism to my friends, they were extremely enthusiastic about my decision and offered to help me with finding vegan meals and offering hacks. Having a network of fellow vegans allows you to easily navigate veganism.

3. Follow vegan Instagram accounts

Following Instagram accounts that focus on veganism allows you to gain inspiration and receive hacks for veganism. Many accounts provide recipes as well as restaurant recommendations that are suited for a vegan diet.

Image Credit: Instagram  

4. Don't look at veganism as a way of eliminating food from your diet, but rather a way to explore more healthy options

After just a few days of being vegan, I could already feel the impact it had upon my health. Stacking my minifridge with fruits and veggies and not eating animal products made my body feel so much better. Initially, I was scared of the idea of being vegan, as it is a big adjustment to make. However, after viewing it as an opportunity to improve both my health and the environment, I had a much more positive attitude towards the process. I cannot emphasize how amazing it feels to eat healthy and know that you are doing good for your body. Veganism has allowed me to become more excited about a healthy lifestyle and has greatly rewarded me for adjusting my diet.