The 5 Stages of Post-Show Grief

The 5 Stages of Post-Show Grief 

Ain't no sadness quite like post-show sadness. 

1. Shock and Denial 

After working so hard for so long on the show, the shock of it being over might be overwhelming. Your brain will go into a state of denial over how much free time you suddenly have.

2. Anger  

You may find yourself angry with how much effort went into so few show times. How could 100+ hours of rehearsals culminate into a mere 5 performances?? And now we have to strike the set too??? 

3. Bargaining 

           You find yourself bargaining with the theater department (if only in your imagination, or acting out fake arguments in the shower) to put on the show one more time. Maybe bring it on tour? Add a few more performances??

4. Depression 

            Here is where the real post show depression sets in. Realizing that the show is truly over and there is no going back. No more late night with this wonderful set of people you’ve connected with, no more backstage antics, no more memorizing lines or becoming this character. It’s a dark, but necessary stage.

5. Acceptance 

Finally comes acceptance. After grieving the loss of a wonderful experience, you can recognize that though it has come to an end, its memories and the people you met will stay with you forever. Now it’s time to start the entire process over again with a brand new show.