21 Things College Students are Irrationally Proud of Doing

In the midst of going to classes, eating, drinking, working, and sleeping, it oftentimes feels as if we’re constantly on the go, never being allowed to fully take satisfaction in anything. But every once in a while, there are those moments. Those sweet, mindless moments when you do something seemingly insignificant, but it fills you up with such immense joy of being a responsible, functioning adult that you feel the urge to bring it up with any person in any conversation possible.

It doesn’t matter if no one else (read: actual adults) will acknowledge your underrated accomplishments. You know your worth in this dark cruel place we call our world. But still, calm down. It isn’t that big of a deal. Here are just a few of the things we take irrational pride in doing: 

1. Not just doing your laundry, but also FOLDING it (bonus points if you separated the colors before washing)

2. Remembering to brush your teeth

3. Going to bed at a decent time (note: before 2 am)

4. Waking up at a decent time (note: before 2 pm) 



6. Periodically checking the balance on your bank account and crying over your financial instability

7. Actually doing the assigned readings before class

8. Meeting your minimum quota of social obligations for the week early on so you can hermit in your room for the rest

9. Not succumbing to the evil temptation of Netflix auto play 

10. Proactively meeting with your professors 

11. Telling eeeeveryone what you and your friends did when y'all went out last night with increased exaggeration as the day wears on

12. Not only eating fruits and veggies, but going out of your way to obtain them 

Your younger self would be disappointed in you, you rascal.

13. Clipping your nails within a timely manner (instead of biting them off)

14. Writing and crossing things off in your assignment pad 

15. Waiting until after class to let one rip 

you know who you are, people who don't abide by this societal rule...

16. Calling your parents for that weekly check-in

17. Washing the dishes (even if it’s been sitting in the sink for a week or so) 

18. Deciding to forego posting that selfie on Facebook 

19. Contributing to in-class discussions (note: one word responses) 

20. Exercising with vigor for that one day per week (but to everyone else, you go everytime you "need a study break")

And finally, 

21. Actively planning for your future which, more often than not, leads to weeping with despair

but there's still pride in thinking about it!