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What type of winter boot are you?


Edginess and confidence ooze out of you. The SMFA vibes add to the way you question the world around you and fight against patriarchal and archaic values. Your slightly rebellious vibe still enjoys staying on its feet. Still a winter boot (though not as warm as most) with good traction makes it edgy yet practical, a weird but fitting combination.


Congrats. You’re the most rational of them all. The way you value reason and practicality is truly unheard of. As a Comp Sci major, we can’t wait to see the great job your intelligence brings you. Not only do you prioritize not falling down the Prez Lawn, but you know how much Mother Nature hates New Englanders. Big girl boots for big girl priorities.


As a classic new England girl, you turn to Bean boots in order to meet all standards: functional and socially acceptable, but not extremely fashionable or offbeat. You’ve never had a late or uncomplete assignment and, though you say you never study, we all know you do. Enjoy that biology major and congrats on passing BIO13!


Not only do you get stuff done, but you are a hands-on and efficient worker. Your engineering course load is nothing compared to all that you can do. You complete all tasks days before they’re due and are most likely early to class, especially with your Timbs on.


No one has ever met someone sweeter. Though you’re slightly annoying because you are kind and thoughtful, everyone can’t help but smile back when you walk by. Your shoes are just like your heart: warm and fuzzy and ready to give hugs. You love helping others with your welcoming and eager attitude will definitely help with your community health major.


Though you might be super comfortable and committed to your "sneaker game," it still doesn’t make you the most rational person. You haven’t really decided what you’re going to major in (“probably econ”) and you definitely haven’t decided that you want your feet to live through the winter. We suggest you and your naïve personality give in for your own health, especially with the cold front coming on.

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