Profile: Courtney Gilbertson

What’s your position?

Campus Correspondent/ President


How long have you been with Her Campus?

Since my freshman spring


What’s your favorite part about Her Campus?

I’ve met so many amazing women through Her Campus who have helped me explore career options I never would have thought about otherwise.


Any skills you’ve gained or opportunities you’ve gotten from Her Campus?

Yes! Her Campus gave me my first opportunity to explore digital marketing. From that initial exploration as an Instagram head and then a Facebook head, I gained many skills in platform management and content creation that have helped me secure other opportunities as well.


Favorite Her Campus article?

Finals Season As Told By Honey Boo Boo. It’s honestly so relatable. 


If you had to give up snapchat or instagram which would you pick?

Tough one, but I would have to say snapchat. I watch too many snap stories and would probably be better off without them.


Netflix or HBO GO?

Definitely Netflix, unless HBO picked up Shonda Rhimes.