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Necessary Beauty Apps for Active Collegiettes

As involved and socially active collegiettes, our day-to-day schedule is usually packed. From schoolwork, to club meetings, to friends, it can be hard to budget in time for personal wellness. Also, now with spring just around the corner, we need even more time to prep and primp for months of nicer and warmer weather! But have no fear—things like your favorite yoga class or your weekly blow-dry do not need to be sacrificed. With the help of the beauty management apps  Exhale, Be Styled and Btone Fitness you will be able to fit time for everything. These apps, especially tailored for Bostonian women, can be used on the go and will remove any time management stress by making it easy for you to schedule in time for your beauty routines.



Exhale: Let’s face it, your everyday life is hectic, and sometimes you need a way to release the stress. If you need to book a spa therapy treatment or work a fitness class into your schedule, this app is for you. Exhale allows you to manage your class and spa scheduling. Plus, it also lets you buy class packages, making it easy to get a workout in every day! On another hand, the app shows ongoing promotions and determines a studio’s location and contact information. The appointments you make on the app are also synched right to your phone calendar, which helps you keep track of your engagements and avoid double booking. For more information, visit the Exhale website.


Be Styled

Be Styled:  The goal of the Be Styled app is to help you look your most beautiful daily. This app allows you to book and manage your blowdry appointments in the European-technique blowdry lounge. Be Styled is headed by celebrity stylist Nick Penna,  and combines European blow-dry techniques with the ultimate backstage NYC Fashion week experience to create incomparable blow-dries that will last for days. In addition, Be Styled offers a college special offer; $24 for blowdries (instead of the normal $35) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. There you go collegiettes, now you can look fabulous at an affordable price! For more information, visit the Be Styled website.


Btone Fitness

Btone Fitness: Trying to get fit this spring? Then go ahead and download the Btone Fitness app to plan and schedule your favorite classes. This app allows you to view class schedules, sign up for classes, learn about ongoing promotions, and pinpoint the studio’s location and contact information. Btone can be extremely helpful in optimizing the use of your as you can now sign up for classes directly from your iphone! For more information, visit the Btone Fitness website.


Photos courtesy of iTunes and nourishlifecoaching.com

Edited by Adriana Guardans-Godo

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