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15 Thoughts You Have While Watching “the Bachelor”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

15 Thoughts You Have While Watching “the Bachelor”

By Jordan Lauf

            Because even though you pretend you “hate watching,” we know you love it.


1.     Okay, so Ben is hot.


2.     Like, super hot.


3.     Does anyone on this show have a real profession?


4.     Are there really twins on this season? Seriously?


5.     How wide can Olivia open her mouth? Can someone measure it please?


6.     How many women can Ben make cry this episode?


7.     Maybe one should think critically before declaring one’s everlasting love for someone on the second date.


8.     Who was the genius who came up with the romantic “let’s swim with wild pigs” date? Because that was beautiful television.


9.     When will Ben just admit that he likes Lauren B. the best because we all know he does.


10.  What does Chris Harrison even do? We know there’s only one rose left Chris, thanks.


11.  When will everyone stop pretending like they’re best friends?


12.  Unless they actually all are best friends and decide to stop competing for a man and just leave, which would be an awesome plot twist.


13.  Some of the people on this show must drink a lot of… juice.


14.  Ugh this kissing is so… awkward.


15.  Aww! Wait, actually, this is cute and normal. Maybe Ben will find love!


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