10 Best Animal Videos for When You Don't Want to Study

I think we can all agree that watching animal videos is much more fun than studying. To help you out with that, I've compiled the 10 best animal videos you need to see right now (your textbook can wait):

1. I mean come on, these pandas are adorable. 

2: And this tiny cat trying to steal this dog's food is ridiculous.

3. Okay this is not really cute or funny but I thought I should bring it up because it is nuts. 

4. Like this doesn't make any sense at all.

5. And alright this one's more about the baby than the animal, but so cute nonetheless.

6. And this one's also sort of about the baby...

7. And these cats are just jerks.

8. This pig's just trying to make it to his food.

9. These cuties.

10. And finally, check out this little guy who couldn't get up.


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