Trinity’s Most Underrated Study Spots

Midterms are just around the corner. If the library just isn’t cutting it and you need a change of scenery, have no fear; there are plenty of other spaces on campus to enhance your study experience. I have compiled a short list of some of the most underrated study spots on campus for you to focus and ace your exams in. 

Seabury Hall: When classes are over, the rooms in Seabury remain open to students looking for places to study and do homework. There are dozens of spaces available, ranging from small lounges in the basement to great lecture rooms that have chapel auras. My personal favorites however, are the small seminar rooms on the top floor of Seabury Tower. Nothing is cozier and puts me in the mood to read than a tiny classroom that looks out over the quad on a chilly night. 


Political Science/Economics Library: Located between Downes Memorial and Jarvis lies the quietest study space on campus. It looks out over the Long Walk and the Chapel. The political science/economics library is roughly the size of Mather and has the feeling of an old castle. It’s nearly always empty and is so quiet, you can hear a pin drop. This library is an excellent spot to get work done undisturbed. 


Goodwin Lounge: Located in the basement of Goodwin, the Goodwin Lounge features a large conference table surrounded by a majestic dark wood and marble interior. The space is beautiful and strategically placed equidistant from Peter B’s, the Underground, and the Cave. You’re within a short walk from caffeine and snack boosts, but not close enough to be tempted not to get any work done before you go.


McCook Library: The McCook library can be found on the second floor of McCook on the far left-hand side when walking into the building from the outside. It’s a cozy space featuring a large seminar table and other smaller tables and couches. This small library is perfect for those spending a lot of time on south campus that are not trying to walk too far away. 


Writing Center: The Writing Center can be found in the far back of the English building. The center can be utilized by anyone; you don’t have to have an appointment to work there. The Writing Center features a dozen tables, sofa chairs, and computers. Located in between the Bistro and Goldbergs, there are plenty of options for study break snacks. Don’t worry though, if you don’t feel like leaving the building, Professor O’Donnell keeps the Writing Center stocked with bowls of candy.