Get Through the Last Week of Class

Somehow, through the excitement of SPW13, the beautiful weather, and our amazing sports endeavors, it has slipped our minds that the school year is coming to a close. Regardless of your class standing, having to leave TrinColl can be an emotional experience. Here are a couple pointers to keep you happy and not burned out during this final push of classes.

Do your best to actually go to class. That final meeting of your 8:30 may seem unimportant, but sticking with your routine will make this week much easier to get through.

Don’t let your work pile up, be prepared. If you know you have more than one paper to write, avoid the all-nighter in the library and start outlining or even getting started. Don’t push your more current work out of the way, but get moving!

Do something for yourself. Finals are stressful, go get a manicure! Have a friend give you a blowout, put yourself first. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but treat yourself before you hunker down for a week of studying.

If you have time, pack! I know it sounds silly, but being ready to throw your things in the car will make getting out of here after finals that much easier. Don’t strip your room completely, but get organized!

Don’t get too emotional. This is one for all you seniors out there. I know, it’s sad to be leaving, but you have all of senior week to create some final memz, don’t let your emotions take over when you have work to do.

These are the best days of our lives, peeps! Do what you want, keep your grades in mind, and have fun. Good luck, all.