Treat Your Self With This Self-Care Tarot Card Routine!

Treat Your Self With This Self-Care Tarot Card Routine!

Let’s play the game of self-care!




As the normal millennial would, I was scrolling through my Tumblr’s blog feed when I came across user Tarotprose, post on how they use Tarot Cards to keep up with their self-care. Right off the bat I thought this was genius! 


Now I can find use for those Tarot cards I don’t use anymore and pamper myself on the daily!



Tarotprose has their own set of rules that you can use to set up your self-care guide like theirs. I decided to dum mine down to less cards and create my own version of their self-care guide. 


Create a list of things that you would like to do for yourself whether it be pampering, cleaning, making time for a hobby, etc. My list consist of:


  • Do a short yoga warm-up or a stretch
  • Read a book, play, or poetry of your liking
  • Listen to records or music you like
  • Treat yourself to a long, nice bath
  • Brew some matcha or your favorite tea
  • Pamper yourself with a face mask 
  • Make time for nail care 
  • Have a glass of wine (if you’re of age)
  • Relax with painting or doing simple art crafts
  • Help yourself out with chores: vacuuming, cleaning the sink, tub, dishes, etc. 
  • Light some candles 
  • Give your best friend, or someone you love a call
  • Study that language you’ve been putting off


The list can go on, but choose things that you normally don’t make time to do for yourself. 


Not only does this game reward you from a long day/week, it can also improve your lifestyle by helping you create a better living space and routine for yourself. 


How it works: 


1. If you haven’t already assign an act of self-care to each card. (Ex.The Magician card means read a book, play, or poem)

2. Tarotprose suggest separating the Major Arcana out from the deck.

3. After that, make sure all the Major Arcana cards are face down and then shuffle them.

4.Pull 1-3 cards out from the deck and turn them upright.

5.Then once selected do the self-care each card suggests. 

This can be done however many times a week. I normally do it 1-3 times a week, and love it!


      For more ideas on self-care to assign to the rest of your cards check out Tarotprose’s blog post here.