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How to Study Responsibly for Midterms

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Towson chapter.
  1. Make yourself comfortable.
The first step is to go where you feel you will be most comfortable and most work done. Do you feel more at ease in your dorm or the library? Are you able to study with music playing, or does it need to be silent? Can you work with your friends around you or do you need to study alone? Figure out how you study best so that you can feel confident and fulfilled when/after a study sesh. 
  1. Relax
Yes it is stressful, you may have started studying for your Econ exam a little too late, but you control how you value your time. Instead of freaking out, allow yourself time to breathe and focus. You know you can do this.
  1. Avoid Social Media!
Turn off/put your phone on silent, avoid the use of internet for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and get focused. It’ll be hard to avoid it all (you know you’re going to sneak a glance every now and then) but it’s the best way to not get off topic. You must stay in the zone. 
  1. Allow yourself to take breaks
Don’t study for (enter hours here)  straight, allow your brain to refresh by taking a break. Watch an episode on Netflix, or go for a run. Allowing yourself to take a break will lead to a better study routine where you don’t end up stressing yourself with an overload of work.
     5. Get a good night’s sleep
Instead of cramming information, allow youreslf a couple of nights to study so that you can have a good night sleep. Your brain is already starting to shut down late at night anyways, so why force yourself to continue when you probably won’t remember the information the next day? Also, a good night sleep will allow you to feel reenergized and confident for your test. 


I'm a sophomore at Towson University, and am originally from Gaithersburg, MD. I'm double majoring in advertising and public relations, with a minor in marketing and Italian. I love fashion, photography, playing the violin, listening to all types of music, history, and going on adventures with friends.