Don't Just Spill Tea, Drink It!

As much as we like to joke about tea nowadays, tea has been proven to have some seriously beneficial properties. Not only is it a drink to make you feel fancy  as you put your pinky out, a relaxing drink that pairs well with a good book, and a drink that you can gossip over, tea has various medicinal properties that work to fight health maladies, and aromatherapy-like agents to improve your health and well being.

Green Tea

I’ll begin the list with my personal favorite. Every morning (if time permits), I like to have a cup of green tea after I wake up. Not only does it have caffeine to wake me up, but it is also an excellent source of anti-oxidant that boosts my metabolism, reduce excess hunger, and aids in weight loss. I have never had a fast metabolism until I started to drink green tea. I gained weight if I even looked at junk food. But after I began to regularly drink green tea, I can eat bad and not exercise for weeks without gaining much weight. Even more amazing, green tea improves brain function, boosts your immune system, and even helps prevent certain types of cancer. It really is the miracle tea.


Peppermint tea is the perfect replacement to cold medicine. This tea is the illness fighter and works to combat colds, stuffy noses, nausea, and it relieves indigestion. Peppermint is perfect for clearing sinuses and also fights off allergies and freshens bad breath.


Much like green tea, oolong is great for aiding in weight loss. Oolong also lowers cholesterol, boosts energy, fights acne, and even has anti-aging properties. If there is a fountain of youth, it’s probably full of oolong. With the stress of balancing homework and a social life comes beauty struggles and breakouts. This hot drink will not only help you relax but will also take care of those unsightly blemishes caused by the college student struggles.

Chamomile Tea

I started with a favorite, so I will end with a favorite. This flowery drink works wonders in relaxation. Chamomile is another great source of anti-oxidant that will help fight cancer and improve heart health. This tea is also a great advantage to the sleep-deprived insomniacs, and its calming, sleep-inducing properties are what it is most known for. But, the best part about chamomile, in my opinion, is that it aids in fighting anxiety and depression. While it doesn't cure anxiety or depression, I can attest that it indeed helps relieve some of the overwhelming struggles of anxiety and depression, specifically anxiety. This can be extremely beneficial to the college student with a bustling schedule, deadly assignments, and social anxiety.


These amazing drinks should in no way be used to replace prescribed medication. If you do intend to replace your medication, speak with your doctor beforehand. They are, however, an excellent source for natural remedies and health boosting properties that are great for mild illnesses and overall health. These are only a few of the multitude of herbal teas that can benefit your mind and body. If there is a health issue you wish to improve, there is bound to be a tea that suits your needs. Including some of these teas into your everyday routine could not only improve your health but could even change your life.