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Mental Health

Dealing With Too Much Stress

During college, we all go through intense challenges, both physically and mentally. Professors’ assignments, jobs, clubs, families, and relationships are demanding, and balancing different areas of life can wear us down. Although having to deal with multiple issues or projects at once is a normal part of growing up, for some it is easier, and for others it is more difficult. If you are someone that possibly battles with anxiety, depression, or anything else that makes life unbearable at times, you may need to take extra time for yourself.


 It is ok to take mental health days, and you do not usually need to give an explanation to do so unless you have a big class project or a work shift that you may not be able to miss. In certain circumstances within a semester or season, professors and work supervisors do understand that students need a break. The most important thing for you to do is be proactive and plan ahead with your busy schedule.


Making sure that you are not taking on too much at once is key. Instead of working everyday, maybe work every other day, or a couple of days during the week or weekend. Instead of joining multiple clubs, join one or two and get a leadership position, or there is also the option of just being a member and not having such a huge time commitment. In between doing various homework assignments or projects, maybe go for a walk around your building or around campus, get something to eat, or call a friend and talk for a while. Also, try to split up assignments during the week, and make sure not to wait last minute in case something comes up.


Having a structured week and knowing the times that you have to relax may help you possibly squeeze in some time to see a therapist on campus if you are really struggling. Some people choose to make a short meditation part of their daily routine. Exercising on your own or with a friend/group can also be beneficial mentally as well as physically. Lifting or running-off extra stress and removing yourself from daily demands gives you piece-of-mind that is priceless. Seriously– take care of yourself by setting a schedule, exercising, taking breaks, and maybe by eating/ drinking more nutritionally. I hope these few tips help some of you to be more comfortable with balancing multiple things, and help you to release any anxiety, frustration, or stress that you may be carrying around.



Hi! I currently attend Towson University with a double major in English and Mass Communication. I am actively involved on campus, and hope to inspire and aid as many collegiate women readers as possible.
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