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ASK ANDI: Rude Roommate

Dear Andi,

Little things my roommates do bother me and I ask my parents like should I say something or how should I address this but they keep telling me that I should try to let it go until it happens again or if something bigger happens. But I feel like I can’t let these things go. How should I approach them?

– Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Unfortunately, roommate problems are a sticky situation. If you’re friends then it could ruin that relationship. If you’re not friends, it could make him/her lash out in a way that is both problematic and a large step backwards.

If the problems that you are facing inconvenience you, say something. If your things are being touched, you’re being sexiled, or are losing sleep because of the things he/she does, say something. If your roommate isn’t cleaning or keeping up with their responsibilities in your shared living space, say something. Are you catching my flow here? Say something! You are absolutely allowed to express yourself and make sure that both of you feel comfortable in your living space.

Keep in mind to keep your cool and to not speak in accusatory, condescending tones. Allow him/her to speak as well. If you’re afraid of it escalating, have your RA or your friend present to help mediate the situation. You’re both adults and should be able to move past this hiccup without a problem! Write back and let me know how things go!

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