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If your winter break was anything like mine you probably binge-watched Bridgerton at least twice and started wistfully daydreaming about how it might be to have a torrid love affair where your only form of communication was the occasional promenade and teams of letters from your betrothed. Or maybe another semester of social isolation has you in a slump and you are looking for ways to connect with your friends beyond the screen. Whatever the reason, you should be sending more mail— read on for all the reasons you should master the art of letter writing this year.

Time away from the screen

Especially in this social distancing era, letter writing is such a special form of communication because it takes your eyes away from your computer or phone. Writing letters is a perfect way to unplug while still feeling a sense of connection, when I write to my friends I always make sure to include a few questions so they have a starting point to write back. That way, you not only get a screen break when writing letters, but you also get a screen break while reading the replies!

Expressing your creativity

Writing letters is the perfect opportunity to unleash your creative side – you can experiment with different fonts, fun drawings, or even decorating the envelopes! In my letters I like to include playlists of my favourite music of the moment, or songs that I think the person will like. Other fun things you could include are stickers, bags of your favourite tea, or pressed flowers. Creating unique letters for each one of your friends is a great way to reconnect with your inner artist.

 Relax, unwind, and spread joy

I send the most mail during the busiest parts of my semester because it is so relaxing to write. It’s a great release to write out something that has been on your mind while knowing that there will be a friend receiving that letter and ready to talk it out with you. It can also be a great mood booster if when you write your letters you set the intention to build your friends up, write them lists of things you love about them, or something you are proud of them for. Spreading joy through the mail is an instant way to bring some joy to yourself.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day

As we approach the most romantic day of the year, it is a great opportunity to take the time to share some love the old fashion way. You can take the opportunity to write out a heartfelt note to your current S.O or you can get these super cute ‘love’ postcards from Toronto-based company, The Penny Paper Co. to make your friends feel extra loved on this special day.

No matter what the reason or occasion, letter writing is the ultimate flex this year. Take the time to connect and share creativity with your loved ones through the long-practiced art of the love letter.

Caroline Rodway

Toronto MU '21

Caroline is a fourth year student at Ryerson University studying Performance: Production & Design! She is a self-proclaimed Coke Zero Enthusiast, Proud Virgo, and INTJ. On her days off you can find her on her yoga mat, exploring the wilderness, or writing her next article. She is looking forward to the resurgence of all things theatre and until then will be patiently waiting to return to the backstage.
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