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Five Ways To Stay Active During The Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

This winter season is a joyous occasion marked with festive goodies, pies, warm cups of cocoa and of course, snow. But with the start of the chilly season, our motivation to go out and remain active weakens. The thought of running or taking a long walk doesn’t seem very relaxing in the freezing Canadian winters. We still want to encourage you to stay active and incorporate movement into your daily lives. Here are five different ways to stay active during the winter season that will help ensure your health and safety from the possibility of catching a cold or fever. 

Join indoor classes 

There are several types of indoor classes like yoga, pilates, aerial silks, pole dancing, etc. Attending these classes could aid you in your journey of health. In order to be consistent, we must work towards finding exercises that we genuinely enjoy and stick to. So take advantage of these classes, sign up for trials and find an indoor activity that suits your needs. These classes could be the well-deserved break you require from the stresses of work and university. 

Online workouts 

In 2019, we saw the buzz of fitness influencers with Chloe Ting, Pamela Reif and Blogilates, but this trend of at home fitness seemed to die down post the ease of COVID-19 restrictions. It’s important to remember that any movement is good and in order to get a good workout you don’t need the gym. For those of you who are afraid of working out in public spaces, online workouts are a great option. All you need to do is find a free program and lay down a yoga mat, or towel if you don’t have one, and start moving! This form of working out is effective and is customizable so you can do it whenever it’s convenient for you. In addition to its convenience it’s also great for beginners who may want to alter the traditional exercise making them easier and more bearable. 

Winter sports 

It’s winter time, there is plenty of snow and ice, so take advantage! Sports like ice hockey, skiing and snowboarding are all exclusive to this time of year. Doing these activities will not only be an adventurous way to spend the afternoon but it will also ensure that you get a good amount of movement in. These activities are also great when done in large groups so take your friends or family members on this trip and have a fun time, while breaking a sweat!

Going for a walk with a buddy 

Walking in the winter may not be as pleasant as compared to a spring or summer day but it certainly can be fun. Walking is one of the best activities you can do. It’s low impact, easy, free and enjoyable. Make sure to pack on the layers and wear gloves while walking through the city. To make this a more exciting experience, bring a friend or family member along. Walking with a buddy makes it easier to travel long distances and can help you catch up with loved ones. This form of exercise is accessible to most of us and can easily be made a part of one’s daily routine. 

Indoor sports 

Participating in sports is probably one of the most celebrated forms of exercise. You get to go out and enjoy yourself while exercising. Playing in a competitive environment, burning calories and having fun is the perfect form of exercise for me. The winter might disrupt the convenience of sports but it definitely does not eliminate it. You can play basketball, soccer, hockey, squash, badminton and many other sports indoors without worrying about the weather. Joining a sports club is a great way to make new friends and stay consistent with your activity levels. Many of these sports require agility, flexibility and strength and therefore sports is a wholesome form of exercise. 

Enjoy your winter holidays, make sure you remain active!

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