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The Fashion Items 6 Social Media Bloggers Swear By

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Toronto MU chapter.

Numerous accounts have taken the fashion world by storm. Social media acts as a simple and accessible platform for anyone to showcase their sense of style. As a result, you can find inspirational creators who sport every kind of look you can think of and beyond, which has allowed for a more diverse and inclusive representation of fashion.

I spoke to six social media content creators to hear about their current favourite fashion items and trends.

1. Ambika Dhir

Ambika Dhir is a law school graduate who is currently working in finance. She has an impeccable sense of style and showcases her looks through her Instagram and TikTok pages. At first glance, one can see her creative vision and how it manifests beautifully in the looks she puts together. Dhir uniquely takes inspiration from interior design and architecture when styling different outfits. Her fashion staple: golden hoops. She believes that this accessory can elevate any and every outfit, from the simplest of pieces to more dramatic ones. 

2. Allana blumberg

Allana Blumberg is a health and wellness blogger who has inspired many to develop healthier habits. Her social media pages feature fitness content, routines, recipes, journalling and daily manifestations. Her fashion staple: matching sweatsuits. Blumberg said, “They are so comfortable and super cute. They make you look more put together.” Check out her Instagram and TikTok pages here!

3. yusra siddiqui

Yusra Siqqiqui works as an editor for WhoWhatWear, an international fashion company known for its content sites and clothing and accessory lines. Her social media pages showcase a range of styles, all put together with flair and creativity. Siqqiqui’s Instagram page is sure to give you major fashion inspiration. “What I love about fashion is that it is ever-changing. For me, I love pulling inspiration from movies, TV shows and magazines, such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Friends.” Check out her Instagram and TikTok pages here!

4. Madison kieu

Madison Kieu began posting on TikTok towards the end of 2019. She has a pretty aesthetic, mixing warm and pastel colours with fun accents and accessories. Her fashion staple: cute cardigans. It is such a versatile piece that comes in a variety of styles and patterns. Kieu is also an advocate for size inclusivity in the fashion world. “People are always talking about plus size creators or people of larger sizes saying, ‘Why are you always shopping at fast-fashion retailers?’ Maybe if stores that weren’t fast fashion started making their brand more accessible and size-inclusive, then others would be able to consider it. Until fashion can become fully inclusive, it’s unfair to send them hate.” Check out her Instagram and TikTok pages here!

5. Shada Abdelaal

Shada Abdelaal has a wonderfully bold sense of style. She is unapologetic when it comes to her outfits and always preaches staying true to herself and not letting the opinions of others get in the way. Her TikTok page often features motivational messages about wearing what makes you happy and disregarding the judgement of others. Abdelaal is not afraid to experiment with a variety of different colours, styles, textures and patterns. Her fashion staple: the colour brown. Brown is such a beautiful colour that comes in a variety of shades, all stunning and on-trend. Check out her Instagram and TikTok pages here!

6. Heba kamal

Heba Kamal knows how to put together an amazing outfit, incorporating both formal elements and street style. She posts a mix of makeup, fashion and vlog content. Her fashion staples: light-washed wide-leg jeans and puffer jackets. She has mastered the art of styling casual yet put together looks, while also showcasing outfits viewers can easily replicate! Check out her Instagram and TikTok pages here!

If you’re ever feeling uninspired or simply don’t know what to wear, check out these content creators for some solid style inspiration!

Sakina Chaudary

Toronto MU '24

Fourth year journalism student based in Toronto.