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5 Fit Gurus That Will Get You Off The Couch

With school work piling up, it can be hard to find time in your day to get your blood pumping. Sometimes after a long time out of the gym, it's hard to find the courage to get on the treadmill next to someone who looks like they just walked out of a fitness magazine. It's hard to find motivation in the gym when you can't even find motivation to do the readings for your next class, but here are 5 (6) women who will help you get back on track. Or literally just back on the track.

Kayla Itsines

This beauty is the founder of The Bikini Body Training Guide and the Sweat with Kayla empire. She changed the name to BBG because health is not all about fitting into a cute two piece with confidence but rather living a better life. With this mentality Kayla has started a revolution with her community of workout plans and nutrition plans.

Her 12 week plan is great because it is practical, her set workout are only 30 MINUTES and you sweat up a storm. She also has an incredible app for your phone that keeps you accountable and motivated. Check out her website


Rachel Aust

This Australian native is a Youtuber and health nut. She has a blog with her long time boyfriend called EAT RUN LIFT! Everything she does is monochromatic magic and offers so many helpful tips. I am a fan of Youtuber's because I need the visual aid to get my sweat on and her quality is SO good. The blog is full of ebooks and realistic programs.

This woman is such a powerhouse and her work ethic has encouraged me so much, I recommend checking out her video “30 Healthy Habit Hacks You Need To Know!”. You're welcome.


Adriene Mishler

Yoga with Adriene is like having your own personal trainer in your phone. This actress creates full length yoga routines that you can follow along with. With a range of videos from the basics of yoga to positions that would break all of my bones. There is a video for everyone along side Adriene.

Sometimes its hard to find a class to join while you are still a newbie but this is a safe place to fall, curse and get back up.

Cassey Ho

The amazing woman behind Blogilates, which is a wealth of resources from videos on Youtube to killer month plans. I am a big fan of feeling like I am working out with someone and that is why I love Cassey's videos. I am a little competitive, so if the girl on the screen is still planking then I won't drop from my plank position either.

Her printables are heaven sent. A workout plan for your entire month takes away the guessing game of what to do in the gym. The plan corresponds with her youtube videos making it the easiest thing to follow!


Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott

These ladies have been published everywhere for their ability to Tone It Up. These girls are like fitness besties and joining them is like having a tiny squad. These beach babes have a great blog with daily workouts that include gifs for each exercise. As someone who struggles with instructable pictures the moving picutres make emulating their workouts easy and breezy.

Once again, this team also has a youtube channel with workouts targeting specific areas (arms, legs, abs, etc.) and they have fun Wine Wednesday Q+A's so that you can get to know your new besties!


At the end of the day it is YOUR body and YOUR health, so take care of yourself. Sometimes the gym can be the scariest place, because you don't know where to start but these 5 blogs can be your springboard. If you are looking for new tips and trick to keep motivated in your healthy lifestyle invest in some of their ebooks or subscribe to their youtube channels.

Don't forget, Yoga to some Taytay is a great study break!




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