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Young At Heart: Meet Victoria


HC: What are your top three most used emojis?

My top three emojiis are currently the thumbs up (yes I know, kinda boring, but it just gets the message across so well. It’s the group text equivalent of the heart in GroupMe!), the nerdy glasses emojii and the smirky face emojii. Do with that what you may.

HC: What’s your spirit animal and why?

I take this question to mean, ‘what is my Patronus?’ and as of two weeks ago I can officially say it is the Red Squirrel.  Not the American variety, but apparently of the Eurasian lineage. Why? Apparently, we are both very sociable, energetic and playful but value resourcefulness, preparation and balance. I don’t know how I feel about being a squirrel, given I despise them on campus, but I’d say traits are spot on.

HC: What color crayon would you be?

Too easy. Crayola Turquoise Blue.  

HC: Describe your style in three words.

Classic. Casual. H&M.

HC: When you go to a restaurant, do you try new things or go with the usual?

I typically go for new things, but nothing too extreme. I want to feel like I’m being adventurous, without the fear or not liking the dish I’ve ordered, yanno?  #studentbudget #helpmeimpoor

HC: What’s your best joke?

I give full credit to Pinterest, but it’s stuck with me ever since. “What does a nosey pepper do?”

Answer: “Get jalapeño business” AHAHAHAHA! Everytime.

HC: Any weird talents?

I have a remarkable ability to say puns without knowing I’m doing it, and then laughing at myself hysterically when I realize what’s happened. Example: About the Blue Bell UT crisis two years ago. “Ooooh, let me give you the inside scoop” *pauses* *Laughs uncontrollably at myself for the next 30 seconds.

Also I make a mean cranberry pistachio biscotti.

HC: What’s your favorite cheesy pick up line? Would it work on you?

Oh, gosh I’m a hard sell when it comes to pick up lines. I usually just feel like it’s so cheesy. But I could definitely see a good cute, nerdy pick up line working on me. Example: If you were a triangle you’d be acute one!

HC: What’s the last thing you screenshotted?

I just had to check my phone and laughed at myself when I saw it was a photo of my golden retriever puppy, Jake. I laughed because literally I should have known. I have 90183515713051 photos of my little guy between those that I’ve taken and those that my mom will send me every week. He’s only 5 months old! He’s the light of my life.


HC: What’s your best story from studying abroad?

My favorite story is when I celebrated Greek Independence Day in Cyprus among local Cypriots. I thought it was the most interesting thing that a sovereign nation, Cyprus, would be celebrating another country’s independence day. I went to the Paphos parade which reminded me exactly of the Battle of Flowers parade in San Antonio. Kids were vaguely interested in the people in the parade, but much more so interested in which ice cream man they would go buy their treat from. Afterwards, we walked over to Yaya’s house for her “Name Day” party, which is basically a birthday party, but on the Feast day of the saint a person is named after. Later that day I walked around the ancient ruins of a small city overlooking the ocean, and Africa just on the other side. It was an unbelievable day filled with the most unusual, yet remarkably familiar things like parades and birthdays, only with a fantastic Cypriot twist.

HC: What are you going to be for Halloween?

I’ve wanted to be Darla from Finding Nemo for four years now and haven’t done it. This needs to be the year. It’s my time.


Caroline is a third year psychology and French major. Her hobbies include napping, crafting, and shopping. She wears entirely too much navy, spends entirely too much time at coffee shops, and laughs entirely too much at her own jokes (but hey, someone’s gotta do it). You can find her @carolineeelise if you feel so inclined.
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