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Winter Fashion

OH, AUSTIN! One day I’m sporting shorts and having drinks on Lake Travis and the next I have on approximately 18 layers and am running to class, numb-faced, clutching my fourth scalding latte in an attempt to keep warm from the inside out.

Even the horses of Littlefield Fountain rocked winter accessories…in icicle form.

But what’s a girl to wear in the frigid air when she?s simply out of practice? I’ve been beyond excited to break out the boots, coats and scarves that I thought I’d be retiring until next November, but I can barely remember how to dress for temperatures below 70 degrees, let alone below freezing. I think I speak for all of us when I say that the few days of cold weather we got before this arctic front weren’t enough to prepare an entire arsenal of full-proof winter outfits. It’s been a hectic game of throw-on-every-item-of-clothing-on-the-bedroom-floor this week and frankly, in all our baggy-layered glory, many of us Collegiettes™ have been looking more homeless than flawless. However, there are a few lady Longhorns who got in right. In smart layers, luxe accessories, classic separates and bangin? boots, you can find them strutting around campus, looking more runway than run-down, and providing a little fashion-spiration for the rest of us.

Ginnie Lowder, junior, rocks soft and slouchy gray layers for a look that’s cozy-chic.

Ofirah Yheskael, sophomore, rocks black and white basics with a flash of fuschia.

Teel Liddell, senior, keeps her cool in the cold with sturdy brown boots, a headband and, of course, Starbucks.

Laura Quintero, sophomore, pulls together her layers with a waist-cinching brown belt while brightening up the drab day with some eye-catching orange gloves.

Faux fur looks fab on senior Danielle Burgess.

Junior Laci Long ditches drab for “Damn!” in red and leopard.

Cream and blue-gray separates come together for a seamlessly stylish look on junior Shonge Chekenyere.

Sophomore Kristin Simmons is pure attitude in a tough-luxe look with leather, fur and shades.

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