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Why it’s Nice to Have a Partner in College

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

College can either be the best or worst four years of your life. It’s a moment when you are finding out who you are and what it is you want to do with your life. Although not all of us find those answers in college, we definitely learn a bunch of new things about ourselves. So, with that said, we can conclude that college is a time for “exploring,” therefore, there are people who want to be in a relationship and others who just want to fool around and have fun. Whether you are deciding if you want to go into college with a partner or if you are debating getting into a relationship while already in college, I am here to give you a few reasons of why it’s nice to be dating someone while you are in college.

#1) study buddy, secured.

Who doesn’t love a study buddy? Despite the different majors or classes, you both will always have homework. Plus, this means you can spend more time with your partner! You can even make it more fun by considering it as a cute “homework date” where you either go to a coffee shop or library and just do homework together. (This is especially great during finals and midterms season because you’ll both be studying for hours!)

#2) they can be your support system!

This shouldn’t even need to be said, but seriously, having a partner means you have the best support system because let’s be real, our partners are our comfort zones. Whether it’s being each other’s motivation or helping each other through a tough day or situation. They are always there for you. It’s nice to have a shoulder to cry on or someone’s arms to run into when you need it most.

#3) enhance your social life

Most likely, your partner will have friends that you don’t know, and vice versa. This is a great way to enhance your social life because you’ll be meeting much more people because of them! You’ll also be going out with them to parties or other types of gatherings, having fun! (If you both love being antisocial, that works too because it means you have your one person to do fun things with.)

#4) shared experiences!

College is full of new experiences, and there’s a great chance that many things will be new and “first-times” for your partner too. So, you’ll share experiences that’ll become memories with each other! Just imagine the joy of using a Lime scooter for the first time with them or going to your ring ceremony together, they just make it more special.

#5) personal growth

Lastly, having a partner will benefit your personal growth. Although this is more of an individual thing, you will both learn things from each other that’ll help you grow as a person. You’ll be learning more about yourself and it’s cute because you and your partner will be witnessing each other’s growth as a person, which is quite rewarding.

Overall, the main point is you’re never alone, which is great in college. There are many more perks to this, but this is a good summary. For my long-distance people, I am sure there are some alternatives to a majority of the things you can do, but I know for a fact that regardless of how your relationship is, having a partner in college is one of the best things you can do to get one step closer to finding your forever love.

Communication and Leadership major @ UT Austin. IG: @stephanie.inclan